should i watch 6teen or cold case???

so my friends and i started to write an Orange Is The New Black AU


LIES. actually we just threw all of our OCs in jail

(no but we are actually following OITNBs plot in a lot of things)

and it’s been awhile since i wrote something long in english and… i actually liked how it turned out, soooooo im posting it c:

(oh btw in our AU its a mixed gender jail)


Jason always thought that school hallways were terrifying. All those people talking and laughing and staring at you always made he feel like everyone was there to judge him somehow. So along the years, he mastered the art of never looking up while crossing the hallway; he would always stare at his feet and try to think about anything else other than the people around him. 
And he was good at it. He was so good that there he was, staring at the ground through the whole corridor that lead him to his cell. 

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i really love cold case

but go i hate that opening

that fucking scream!! its 2am and im all alone pls dont scream 

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starfractus said: yeah i can completely understand that! good luck on your adventures!

thank you dear!!! uwu

good luck for u too

Anonymous whispered: You could be panromantic and asexual! Or aromantic and pansexual. Or pansexual and sex-repulsed (since asexual and sex-repulsed are separate things that only sometimes go hand in hand).

yeah, i was talking about those kind of possibilities with my friend just now

and the best we got was homoromantic (or birromantic idk ive been so fucking into girls lately) and demisexual

i dont think im sex repulsed tho but maybe i am who knows

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gaystby said: saaaaame, deer girl

i could be pan or ace. it could be all or nothing. but staright is definitely out of the possibilities

starfractus said: yeah i feel you my thoughts on the matter currently is that like it’s such a spectrum, that once you really get into it, labels do way more harm than good. not only that but they all mean such different things to different people? bleugh

yeah ive been trying to think like “i dont need to label myself. im jut gonna live and see how my sexuality works”  but then i get myself everyday thinking about labels 

potatobastard said: i am still trying to figure out this whole ace thing tbh and it’s frustrating as hell

we’re in this together friend

ive been trying to figure this out for months now and i literally think about this everyday

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starfractus said: ye

all my concept fo sexualityis being slowly destroyed omg